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Introducing Jim "Captain" Morgan

Jim Morgan, on-air talent for WEVZ-FM, has been well known as the Easy Listening Morning Host in Myrtle Beach for more than a dozen years. Jim is a native of North Carolina, loves to cook, knows everything there is to know about The Andy Griffith Show, and is also host of the popular Sunday Morning "A Joyful Noise" show!!


In addition, Jim is a BBQ Central Forum moderator and an award winning BBQ Cook.


For an extremely reasonable $25.00*, Jim will professionally record your ad and send it to you, via e-mail, in MP3 format to keep.



You can reach Jim via email to discuss the creation of your commercial by clicking on the email link below.


* Please note that the $25 charge is for one written copy and one live cut of the commercial.  The written copy will be emailed to you for your approval prior to Jim cutting the spot. 
After the spot is cut, there will be an additional $25 charge for each script adjustment and re-cutting of the commercial thereafter.

The BBQ Central Advertising & Commercial Podcasting Services* Cleveland, Ohio