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Get you very own episode of The BBQ Central Show dedicated to your product or service.

Are you a pit manufacturer, accessory maker, rub maker, sauce maker or anything else to do with the bbq community? Want to increase your exposure in the BBQ community. Then consider purchasing your own episode of the BBQ Central Show.

What you get: 20-25 minutes of finished show specifically desgined to promote your event, company, products and/or services. This is fully produced by me, the host, on my home recording studio using all of my professional equipment.

How it works:

1. Email with your interest.
2. We discuss how you want the show to go. You have complete control over all of the questions and information
3. We pick a time and day to record the show in its raw form.
4. I send you the raw audio for your review. You tell me what to edit and I make those adjustments.
5. I do a final mixdown of the show adding in all of the production elements to include to commercial spot, Show ID, Show intro, our interview and then second play of the commercail spot.
6. I send you the finished show for your final approval.
7. Upon your final approval you will be invoiced to the show via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account we can discuss other payment options, however, Paypal is the easiest and most recommended method.
8. Upon successful payment, the show will then be posted to the BBQ Central website at the pre-determined time which we will have discussed in the beginning of the process.

That covers all of the steps from start to finish! If you have any other questions please feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to discuss whatever you need!

BBQ Central Show Option 1

One (1) fully produced episode of the BBQ Central Show promoting your event, company, products and/or services.

BBQ Central Show Option 2


Includes everything offered above and also features a 3 month banner ad campaign on the BBQ Central Forum* and a fully produced 60 second commercial to be used on a future episode of the BBQ Central Show.

Longer banner terms are available if desired by the customer. Pricing available if interested.

* Price does not reflect having a banner made for you. That is an additional charge if you need that service performed.

The BBQ Central Advertising & Commercial Podcasting Services* Cleveland, Ohio