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Welcome to The BBQ Central advertising website.  Here you will find the information you need to become an advertiser on the very popular BBQ Central Forum.


Why is it a good idea to advertise on the The BBQ Central Forum?  You will get exposed to the over 6,000 new and unique visitors who stop by the forum on a daily basis! 


The people who visit my site look to buy products just like yours EVERYDAY!!  Why not have a banner up for them to click on and eliminate the need for them to do a Google search on whatever it is they are looking for.  If your advertisement is already in their face they are more likely to click on your link and buy from YOU!!


How about getting outside the advertising box and doing a voice commercial which can be featured on The BBQ Central Podcast Show!??

There are two options for advertising.  Both are great ways to get your BBQ or Grilling items in front of the exact end users you are looking to sell to.


The first option is banner advertising.  The banner will be placed in a rotation on the actual BBQ Forum itself and will share equal time with the other advertisers of BBQ Central.  You can make your own, or, we can have one made for you.


The second option is a voice ad.  Your commercial, up to a minute in length, will be played at the beginning and at the end of a podcast show.  Your commercial will be linked with “THAT” particular interview forever!!  All of my podcasts are downloaded HUNDREDS of times per month!!  And once again, you can do it yourself or we can have one professionally made just for you.


Lastly, advertising on The BBQ Central Forum, which ever method you choose, is more cost effective than other advertising avenues.  Your banner ad stays up until you decide to opt-out of the campaign.  Likewise, a voice commercial will stay on the internet to be heard forever!! 


One low monthly fee for banner ads or a low one time payment for a voice commercial gets you the premium exposure you want at a truly affordable price!!



If you would like to have your company featured on a BBQ Central Podcast Show please email me  for pricing options.





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